In addition to the prices below, Grand Street CSA charges a $15 admin fee for each member. The admin fee helps pay for subsidized low-income shares, plus the few physical things we need for distribution (bowls, scales, aprons, etc.). In addition, we make a contribution to the Just Food CSA Network, supporting CSAs across New York City, and to the Abrons Arts Center, where our distribution is held each week.

from Norwich Meadows Farm, Norwich, NY
Share: $355 (for 22 weeks)*
One share is generally enough for a (non-vegetarian) family of two-four, but varies from family to family.

Norwich Meadows Fram brings us seasonal, organic vegetables starting in June (dependent on the weather) and running for 22 weeks. The farm is managed by Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh. They also provide for Washington Square CSA, Astoria CSA, Ozone Park CSA, and several others in NYC.

Crops include beans, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuces and cooking greens, herbs, summer and winter squashes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, melons, root crops, and other special items. For a full list of crops, click here.

*Please note: the $355 Vegetable share price is contingent on Grand Street CSA's receipt of payment by our registration and payment deadline. After the payment deadline, one share will cost $395, and any outstanding balances will be increased by $40 to reflect the price increase.

from Red Jacket Orchards, Geneva, NY
Full Share: $240 (for 20 weeks)
Half Share: $120 (full share every other week — 10 weeks total)
You need to buy a vegetable share in order to purchase a fruit share.

One thing you should know is that Red Jacket Orchards is not organic — in the northeast, pests are not controllable without some spraying. The apples are certified Eco Apples, which is a particular program of integrated pest management where prevention, traps, beneficial insect predators, and other methods are used to control pests. Chemical pesticides are used only as a last resort. Plums, pears, and peaches are easier to grow without pesticides, and some berries get no spray at all. But in the northeast, it's impossible to grow apples that way.

The other thing you should remember is that fruit is highly dependent on the weather, so it's impossible to predict accurately what fruit each you'll get each summer. But here's a list of fruit that they plan for each year: cherries, blueberries, peaches, apricots, plums, pears, and a variety of apples.

from Norwich Meadows Farm, Norwich, NY
Full Share (1 dozen every week): $115.50
Half Share (1/2 dozen every week): $57.75

All chickens are fed a varied diet of organic soy, organic corn, minerals, and organic greens. In addition, they will forage for insects and wild grasses. (For more information about Norwich Meadows hens and eggs, click here.)

from Sfoglini Pasta Shop, Brooklyn, NY
We are no longer offering a Pasta Share. Instead, there will be several opportunities during the season to purchase Sfoglini Pasta at distribution. 
Sfoglini is a Brooklyn-based producer of small bath, freshly extruded pastas made from the finest organic semolina flour produced in America. They use traditional bronze dies which give their pasta a textured, porous surface for your sauce to cling to, and they air dry at low temperatures to preserve the most nutrition and flavor.

Other Extras
We also offer other local items on a non-weekly basis, including maple syrup, honey, dairy, flowers, poultry & meat.