August 28, 2012

Cook for Grand Street CSA in Just Food's Great CSA Smackdown!

Put your local food skills to the test and Cook for Grand Street CSA!


Just Food is challenging New York City CSAs to show off their cooking talent and local food skills with the GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN: a city-wide cooking competition for members of Just Food Network CSAs. CSA members will be pitted against each other as they prepare a delicious dish around an assortment of ingredients directly from their CSA share! With only 30 minutes to cook, competitors will need to rely on their speed, skill and creativity to make the cut. Winners will advance to a city wide final-round event, representing their CSA community in the quest to come out on top of the GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN.

Grand Street CSA will be holding its round of the Smackdown at the end of September (date/location TBD). We'll have details on where and when in the coming weeks. Register to compete here!

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To cook a spectacular seasonal dish using local CSA ingredients.


First Round: on at date to be determined (September 27th - 30th)

Venue and exact time: TBD

Final Round: October

The winners from each first round competition will come together for a final-round event hosted by Just Food.

Venue and exact date: TBD



Each competitor or team must select their main ingredients from their own CSA share from the current week.

Grand Street CSA will provide the following staple ingredients for all competitors to use:

- Olive Oil

- Salt

- Pepper

- Vinegar

- Butter

- Eggs

Grand Street CSA will provide a portable butane burner. Competitors are responsible for all other cooking utensils/equipment, limited to the following items plus 3 Additional pieces of Kitchen Equipment as described below:

- 1 pot

- 1 pan

- 1 cutting board

- 1 knife

- 2 mixing bowls


Up to 3 Flavor Enhancers: spices (curry, cardamom, etc.), herbs (dill, mint, etc.) and sauces (teriyaki, soy sauce, etc.) only.

Up to 3 Pieces of Additional Kitchen Equipment (i.e. knives, mandolins, food processors, whisks, etc.).

Just Food Will Provide:

Apron for each competitor.

One prize for each GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN finalist.



Competitors can compete as an individual (one person) or as a team (two people).

At least one person in each team needs to be a Network CSA member.

Each competition event must have at least 2 competitors/teams participating.

Total number of competitors is flexible. Please keep in mind your location capacity.


To provide an even playing field, please confirm that all competitors have the exact same CSA share to compete with (i.e. same vegetables and quantities).

As stated above, each competitor can bring up to 3 flavor enhancers and 3 pieces of kitchen equipment.

Each competitor is free to make any type of dish they want (i.e. raw, cooked, breakfast, lunch or dinner dish)

Competitors should use their own CSA share from the current week unless additional shares are purchased from their CSA farmer.

Please try and organize your event on or close to the distribution date so that the food is as fresh as possible.


Competitors will be allotted 15 minutes for washing produce and prepping their station and 30 minutes to cook a dish.

The MC should start and stop the official clock, and provide commentary during the 45 minutes of competition.


Three servings should be created for the 3 judges.

Judges must use the following criteria for determining the winner:

Taste: Up to 10 points

Presentation: Up to 10 points

Creativity: Up to 10 points

CSA share use: 1 point per CSA share ingredient used

The scores of the three judges will be added together for each competitor’s total score.


The winner with the highest score will receive an exclusive prize and be invited to attend the finals round competitor event to compete for the ultimate title!