April 1, 2014

Village Fishmonger 5/6!

Current winter and summer members:

Village Fishmonger will be doing a drop off during our final winter share pickup on May 6th.  If you're interested in signing up for a share, please do so here.

A small share is $16.50 for a one pound fillet.  A large share is $33 for a two pound fillet.  You may also add oysters, clams, or scallops with any order.

Please make sure to select "Grand Street Winter Share" in the drop down menu.

Happy Fishing!

To learn more about Village Fishmonger, click here.

March 24, 2014

What's Coming Tomorrow at Grand Street

Here is what is coming Tuesday:
J. Artichokes
meat shares
and some are getting water buffalo  yogurt, black beans, pinta beans, and one of our value added items made from our own vegetables

March 3, 2014

What's Coming Tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Here's a look at what should be coming this Tuesday in our shares from Norwich:

We are looking at sending you the following next week for your dinner
tables depending on what kind of share you are getting:
for meat shares chicken sausage, ground beef, and maybe cuts of beef
and some are getting yogurt, maple syrup, beans, and one of our value
added items made from our own vegetables

It continues to be way too cold up here.  I am hearing zero degrees
before the week is out.  Too cold yet for greens but we have hope.

Also, we need one volunteer for Bridge Shift this week - 5:45-7:15pm.
Please let us know if you can come help out.

See you Tuesday!
Grand Street CSA Core

February 13, 2014

Monkfish Recipes

Hope everyone is enjoying their monkfish from Village Fishmonger.  Stumped what to do with it?  Here are some ideas:

Monkfish In Lemon Butter Wine Sauce

Roasting Monkfish

Spanish Braised Monkfish

February 7, 2014

2/11 Distribution

Next Tuesday, February 11th will be our 3rd distribution of the
winter! Below is a list of goodies the farm should be sending.
Depending on the type of share you have you might not get everything
on the list.

Carrots rainbow and orange
Potatoes red, blue, fingerling, white
Mixed Turnips
Mixed Radish
J. Artichokes
cipollini onion
red onion
white onion
Garlic Pieces
celery root
dried beans

Also, if you ordered fish from Village Fishmonger remember to pick it
up at distribution.

February 6, 2014

Summer Share Registration Open!

Hello everyone,

We may be caught between polar vortexes and impending snow storms, but
it's time to think about SPRING! The Grand Street CSA is officially
open for registration and fresh veggies, delicious fruits, tasty
pastas and more are only a few months away.

We will once again be getting our vegetables, fruit and eggs from
Norwich Meadows Farm and our pasta from Sfoglini Pasta. The share
prices are as follows:

Vegetables: $340 for 22 weeks per share
Fruit: $240 for full share (20 weeks) and $120 for half share (10 weeks)
Eggs: $115.50 for full share (1 dozen eggs every week for 22 weeks)
and $57.75 for half share (1/2 dozen eggs every week for 22 weeks)
Pasta: $110 for 22 weeks

There is also an administrative fee of $15, and a work commitment of
at least two volunteer shifts during the season.Once you sign up, you
will receive a confirmation email with the link to sign up for your
shifts and information on how to pay for your share. You are not
confirmed until you have signed up for your shifts and have sent in
your payment!

We will have a Meet the Farmer night on February 25th at 7pm in the
Seward Park Community Room at 264 East Broadway (also known as
Building 1 at the Seward Park Co-ops).You will get a chance to hear
from our farmer, Zaid Kurdieh of Norwich Meadows Farm, about our
vegetable, fruit and egg shares and other specialty items the farm
offers and Scott Ketchum from Sfoglini Pasta will be on hand to talk
about and show off their artisanal pastas. We will also have a
representative from Milk Not Jails to talk about their dairy
offerings, and Village Fishmonger will be there to discuss the
possibility of introducing a fish share this summer. Our CSA Core will
be on hand to answer any questions you may have on our 2014 season.

If you already know you want to join, you can register today online:

Registration will close on April 1st!

If you have any questions, you can respond to this email and a Core
member will be in touch.


Grand Street CSA Core

November 11, 2013

Grand Street CSA 2013-2014 Winter Share Signup

The Winter Season is designed to provide members with fresh, local produce and farm-fresh foods through the winter months, and at the same time, send the farm crucial startup funds to cover the cost of seed, equipment, repairs, materials, etc. Before you complete this membership agreement, please take the time to read about the Grand Street CSA on our website. The following links should be most useful: http://www.grandstreetcsa.org/p/about-us.html

Registering for the CSA on this form is only the first of three steps to confirm your membership. After signing up here, you will also need to pay for your shares and sign up for one distribution shift to fulfill your work requirement.

Please understand that part of the economic mission of CSA is to support the efforts of local farmers, and a big part of that support is getting cash into the farmers' hands during pre-winter season.

You will be able to pay by check, or online with PayPal or credit card for a 3% fee. To that end, CSA members are required to pay for the entire season no later than Wednesday November 20, 2013. In fact, we prefer that you pay for your entire membership right away. Since that's not always so easy to do, installment payment plans are available; after completing this membership agreement, please respond to your confirmation email to inquire about personal payment options.

Finally, do note that there is a work requirement for this CSA. Every member must sign up for one distribution shift during the winter season. We are using a separate service called VolunteerSpot to let you pick your own shifts. You will receive a separate email with instructions for fulfilling this requirement.

If you have any questions, please write to info@grandstreetcsa.org. Thanks!