October 8, 2014

Smackdown Photos!

Our judges: Rose & David - Abrons Art Center, Melanie - Grand St. Youth Market Manager, Erik - Hester Street Fair
Kashmiri Cooks - Simi & Steve with Eggs over Kashmiri Spiced Eggplant

Emo Eggplants - Dan & Caroline with Autumn Rolls

The Schaffers - Katie & Evan with Fusion Shakshuka
LES Cooks - Julie & Stephanie with Fall Harvest Medley

Thanks for a great afternoon of cooking local food! - Shien & Deb

September 18, 2014

Join Grand Street CSA at the Hester St. Fair for our Smackdown!

Just Food's Great CSA Smackdown 

Round 1 - Grand Street CSA

Where: The Hester Street Flea Market
              (Essex Street at Hester)

When: Sunday, September 21st at 3pm

Who: 4 teams of Grand Street CSA members
         sharing their CSA inspiration

Why: Find out what fun and deliciousness is
         possible with ingredients you already have
         at home!

September 3, 2014

CSA Smackdown!

Dear Grand Street CSA,

It's that time of year again - Just Food's Great CSA Smackdown 2014!

This is the chance your inner Iron Chef or Chopped champion has been waiting for ... to prepare a delicious dish in 30 minutes using ingredients directly from your CSA share! Our "local" first round of the Smackdown will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, September 21st at the Hester Street Fair, around 3pm.

The winning team will represent Grand Street CSA at Just Food's Great CSA Smackdown final event at Haven's Kitchen on October 20thChef Tom Colicchio is already lined up to be one of the judges this year!

To read about contest rules and details (same as last year), please visit Grand Street CSA's website.

All ready to slice and dice your way to CSA glory? Go to our registration form here.
Reply to this email with any questions.

Grand Street CSA Core
Shien & Deb

August 28, 2014

CSA Smackdown 2014!

Share Your Local Food Skills!

With just 30 minutes to cook in the Great CSA Smackdown, CSA members will highlight how fast and delicious our fresh, local food can be.

Just Food challenges New York City CSAs to show off their cooking talent and local food skills with the: a city-wide cooking competition for members of Just Food Network CSAs. CSA members will be pitted against each other as they prepare a delicious dish around an assortment of ingredients directly from their CSA share! With only 30 minutes to cook, competitors will need to rely on their speed, skill and creativity to make the cut. Winners will advance to the city wide final-round event to be held on October 20th at Haven's Kitchen. Chef Tom Colicchio is already lined up to be one of the judges this year!
Grand Street CSA will be holding its round of the Smackdown the afternoon of Sunday, September 21st at the Hester Street Fair at 3 PM. We'll have more details soon. 

Find  more info, rules, and register to cook here!

Check out the recap of last year's competition.

Email Smackdown questions to info@grandstreetcsa.org.

July 15, 2014

July 15th Pickup

Fava beans

Milk Not Jails is also coming today.

July 8, 2014


What is Youthmarket?
 Modeled after Greenmarket, Youthmarket is a unique solution to food access in New York City: GrowNYC purchases produce from Greenmarket farmers and trains young people from under-served areas of the city to operate a farm stand in their neighborhood as their own small business.

Lower East Side Youthmarket Grand Street btwn Pitt and Willett Sts, Manhattan Thursdays,7/11 to 11/21 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

EBT/Food Stamps, Debit/Credit, and WIC & FMNP Coupons accepted.

 The LES Youthmarket provides this bustling, historic community with fresh fruits and vegetables grown by regional farmers. At the same time, the weekly market engages neighborhood youth by teaching them small business skills, nutrition education, and much more.

Market Suppliers: The Youthmarket sources all of its food from Greenmarket Co., a wholesale distribution service offered by GrowNYC. Greenmarkt Co. is designed to bring the freshest, highest-quality regionally grown farm products to the New York City community. Youthmarket’s produce is grown by the following farms:
 Dagele Brothers Farm—Florida,
NY Davenport Farms—Stone Ridge,
NY Hoeffner Farms—Montgomery,
NY Mead Orchards—Tivoli,
NY Migliorelli Farm—Tivoli,
NY Prospect Hill Orchards—Milton,
NY R & M Andrews Farms—Calverton,
NY Reeves Farm—Baldwinsville,
NY Rottkamp Brothers Farm—Glenn Head,
NY S&SO Produce Farms—Goshen,
NY Trapani Farms—Milton,
NY Toigo Orchards—Shippensburg, PA

 Market Partners: Henry Street Settlement

What's Coming This Week